Alyssa. Or Al if you will. Age 18. Demiseuxal. You clicked on this link for who knows what reason. Now you have to pay the price. You may be bombarded by Buffy, Angel, Supernatural, Disney/Nondisney (I too have caught the frozen so beware), Doctor Who (But only seasons 1-4), Torchwood, Firefly, Avengers/SHEILD, Once Upon a Time, Walking Dead, Vikings, Hannibal, American Horror Story, Dollhouse, BBC Sherlock, Night Vale, RPDR, and other beautiful fandoms. I don't really consider myself a shipper. However, I do casually ship lots of things like Janto, Spawn, Ianto/Owen, Spangelus, Fresley, RumBelle, E/R, platonic Destiel, and many more. I enjoy moonlit walks on the beach and strawberry milkshakes.

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Salvador Dalí. Illustrations for Dante’s Divine Comedy.


The Two Crowds of the Lustful.

The Simoniac.


The Wood and the Suicide.

The Reign of the Penitents.


The Guiding Angel.

The Sodomites.

The Delightful Mount.

In 1957, the Italian government commissioned Salvador Dalí to create 100 watercolors to illustrate Dante’s Divine Comedy, to coincide with the 700th anniversary of the famed poet’s birth. They quickly regretted their choice when the Italian public balked at having such an honor bestowed on a Spaniard. The project was canceled, but Dalí held up his end of the bargain anyway, creating images that run the gamut from gorgeous and soft to frankly terrifying.

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Next week: Jack Crawford arrests himself on suspicion of being the Chesapeake Ripper


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I hope you never die


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